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Hi my name is Zac Lechner and I am the very proud owner of Sunstate Air conditioning and Heating! I’m a dedicated father of two boys, a gym nut, and an avid fisherman when I’m not working to keep my customers cool. As a kid it was clear that I was mechanically inclined, as well as being a highly driven entrepreneur. From about 9 yrs old, I ran a neighborhood small engine repair and pressure washing service out of my dad’s garage. Being an industrious and highly motivated kid, I developed lifelong mechanical skills, soaking up every bit of knowledge I could, that helped to build the foundation of knowledge for my career today. I attended the International Baccalaureate program (an advanced pre-college curriculum at Southeast High) where apart from realizing that I was a complete nerd, I found that I always gravitated toward mechanics, design, and engineering. I later studied drafting, blueprint reading, and computer-aided design under MTI’s mechanical engineering program while working for a local construction and remodeling company. From there I decided that the HVAC field was more appealing and intriguing to me than anything else and continued my education in the electrical and HVAC programs at MTI. Born and raised in Bradenton, I grew to love and hate the heat and humidity of this beautiful state we call home equally. After putting in my time as an apprentice and moving through the ranks of a few local AC and refrigeration companies, I devoted my time to becoming a florida state licensed air conditioning contractor and now to serving the bay area with impeccable service at a price that cannot be beat! Our main goal and only goal is 100% customer satisfaction no matter what. Dealing with sub-par customer service on a regular basis, I’ve been hardwired to restore “the customer is always right” mentality that seems to have diminished over the years.




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